Sports, Fitness & Recreation

Sports, Fitness & Recreation

Robbie Wagner Tennis Program OfferedMay - June 2016 at the Robbie Wagner Training Center, Friday evenings 6-7pm. Registration is required. For more information please contact ext. 103

First Tee Golf Program Offered Summer 2016 at the Clubhouse and Glen Cove Golf Course. Program will be held for 6 weeks for ages 9-12. Registration is required. For more information please contact ext. 103.

Get Up! Work Out!
This program will present the concept of exercise in a fun, engaging way that will be conveyed more as ‘play’ than as ‘work’. In an effort to promote the prevention of childhood obesity, members will participate in short, well-rounded exercise routines run by staff on a daily basis in the gym.
Sports Skills and Training Each month members will focus on a specific sport – learning about its invention, history and rules, followed by practicing and acquiring the necessary skills and techniques through individual and partnered drills and becoming comfortable with the supplies and equipment of the sport. Teams and games will be organized in large and small groups to help members become proficient at the sport. Sports to be covered will include Basketball, Lacrosse, Soccer, Volleyball, Frisbee, Golf, etc.

Project Adventure This program will focus on encouraging teamwork in partners and small and large groups to accomplish a variety of tasks and complete fun, engaging, and challenging goals. Teambuilding activities will promote teamwork, camaraderie, communication, trust, planning, critical thinking, and analytical skills. 

Triple Play - Body Through the Body component of this program, members will participate in Triple Play Daily Challenges that incorporate all aspects of health, fitness and physical activity through a wide variety of activities that get kids on their feet and moving.

Project END Swim Program
Check back October 15 for more information or contact ext.103

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