Teen Programs & Scholarship Opportunities

Annual Scholarship Opportunities for

The scholarship is awarded annually to an outstanding high school senior that has been previously involved in Glen Cove Boys & Girls Club’s program and demonstrates commitment to their academics, their community and their Club. This is a $2,000.00 annual award given for 4 years by the Glen Cove Boys & Girls Club; allotted to High School seniors who have already been accepted into a four year university or college.

The winner of the Louis M. Sanford College Scholarship will be presented at the annual Senior Award Ceremony.

For more information please contact Teen Program Director, Breanna A. Townsell at (516) 671-8030 ext. 107 or btownsell@glencovebgc.org. 

Glen Cove Boys & Girls Club is proud to partner with the Medical Board of Glen Cove Hospital to offer one $1,000 scholarship to a High School Seniors that is an active member of the Club. The candidate must be interested in pursuing a degree in a healthcare related field and/or Service to their Community or Club. The scholarship will be limited to seniors only.

Deadline to Apply is TBD.
For an application please visit the Club or contact Teen Director.

Character and Leadership

Torch Club our chartered, small-group leadership and service club is offered to members for ages 11 to 13. Torch Club is a powerful vehicle through which Club staff can help meet the special character development needs of younger adolescents at a critical stage in their life.

Keystone Club members you develop LEADERSHIP skills in Academics, career and college prep and community service. JOIN TODAY and be a part of our mission to make a positive impact on our members, the Club and community through various fundraising efforts and events!

Mentoring Matters Our National Mentoring program pairs club members with a Mentor. Our mentors and mentees meet on a weekly basis to talk about personal growth, academics and problems in school and at home. The Club strives to provide positive mentoring to the club members, and believes its success with mentoring is based on an open dialogue between the mentors and mentees.

Youth of the Year celebrates the extraordinary achievements of Club teens! Applications submission is required. An interview and judging process will recognize one member to represent the Glen Cove Boys & Girls Club at the state competition in Albany, NY. (May 2016). Scholarship Opportunities for State, Regional and National Winners! Could it be you? Inquire by January 15.

Education and Career

Power Hour offers an engaging homework help and tutoring program that teaches practical tips and best practices for academic progress.

Wise Guys & Gals: STEM Learners
is a hands-on engineering program with design activities using cognitive thinking, problem solving and collaboration with peers. This program is available thanks to a partnership with Hofstra University’s Center for STEM Research. Youth will be using the WISEngineering online learning environment. The environment is secure from the outside world, but open to the Boys & Girls Club and to our colleagues at Hofstra University.  Youth will be able to share photos and perhaps videos of their work with each other, their parents and family.

Diplomas to Degrees
College tours are available to active club members. Trips take place during a school day and are considered an excused absence. Members must be in good academic standing and in grades 11/12. The program assists club members in making the right choice when selecting their next level of education. Club members receive a firsthand college life experience as they tour local colleges and universities. Members are afforded the opportunity to ask college admissions counselors questions, meet current students, talk to financial aid advisors and get a tour of campus facilities.

Health and Life Skills 

Boys Club concentrates on specific aspects of character and manhood through interactive activities. Boys Group represents a targeted effort to engage young boys in discussions and activities that reinforce character, leadership and positive behavior.

encourages young women to have healthy attitudes and lifestyles, SMART Girls helps them reach their full potential. Through these dynamic sessions, group activities, field trips and mentoring opportunities with adult women. 

is more than simply emphasizing a “Say No" message, the program teaches our members how to say no by involving them in discussion and role-playing, practicing resistance and refusal skills, developing assertiveness, strengthening decision-making skills and analyzing media and peer influence.

Teen in the Kitchen
Our 10 week cooking program facilitates a youth cooking team emphasizing nutrition awareness, food safety, cultural diversity, team building experience and basic culinary skills. Club Members meet every Wednesday in our amazing kitchen to prepare meals from scratch. Members will have the opportunity to experience cooking for themselves and others while learning how to make wise food choices for lifetime good health.

The Arts

CLAY TECH Members work in groups to create storyboards, clay characters and illustrations.  Members would then film and edit their own movies making animations. Clay Tech exposes Club members to an exciting way to utilize art and technology.

The Mural Program
teaches members how to creatively design and paint large scale wall art. During the development of the teen room mural members will learn the basic techniques of color mixing, shape, form, texture, color, focal points, perspective, gridding and composition. Members are encouraged to make their own choices of subject matter, concept, size, style, and medium. Offering members this freedom will result in a variety of unique outcomes personalized to each member.
Recording Studio Session are full of fun, creativity and hands on Learning. Members record their own voices, tweak versions of their favorite songs, utilize instrumental tracks and gain music editing experience. Each session are adapted to fit the experience of the participants.

Sports, Fitness & Education

Triple Play: BODY is designed to incorporate healthy living and active learning in every part of the club experience.  Healthy habits emphasize good nutrition, regular physical activity and improving overall well-being.

Teen & Middle School Basketball Programs
encourage members to increase their overall fitness and health through physical activity while learning the fundamental skills of basketball and participate in pickup games.

Soccer Club
Recruit your friends and PLAY! Form your own team to participate in this fun, recreational league. Indoor soccer promotes healthy kids, teamwork and fun. Players focus on good sportsmanship while learning the basic skills and positions of soccer. Soccer takes place on Fridays from 6:30-8pm. Stop by the club to pick up your permission slip TODAY!

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