Parent & Member Guide

Please call the Front Desk to request a tour of the facility, Monday-Friday, between the hours of 12:30pm-6:30pm. For further information regarding programming, contact Membership Services at 671-8030 ext. 101 or Program Director at ext. 108.
Attendance Notification In the event that your child will not be attending the program on any particular day due to illness, sports, or regular religious commitments, etc. a parent must notify the front desk of the child’s absence prior to 3:00pm. Please call 671-8030 ext.101.

Membership Information All membership applications must have up-to-date contact and emergency information. Parents must make any updates or changes to information pertinent to their child as soon as possible with the Membership Service Coordinator. This information will be used in the event of an emergency.

Staff Information
All Club professionals are First Aid/CPR certified in addition to regular childcare training's.
Arrival Procedures Members must enter and exit through the front lobby door only. All members will be required to check in and check out daily at the Front Desk and with their Group Leader. Upon arrival, members will be directed to their designated area/room for arrival and attendance.

Dismissal Procedures For the safety of the members, please park and come into the building to pick your children. No child will be released from the Club to any person other than his or her parent or legal guardian, or person designated by legal guardian in writing. Parent/Legal guardian must sign their child out.
IX. Code of Conduct
Additional rules may apply; this is the code that we abide by on a day-to-day basis. All Glen Cove Boys & Girls Club staff and members are expected to uphold it, both in and out of the Club.

•    Play fairly and be honest.
•    Present your card upon entering the Club.
•    Be respectful to Club members, staff, and volunteers.
•    Remove hats before entering the building.
•    Resolve disagreements in a positive way.
•    Say only good things about other people.
•    Be respectful to other Club members and their property.
•    Foul language and bullying is unacceptable.
•    Walk indoors. Running only in gym.
•    Chewing gum is not permitted at the Club.
•    Personal belongings are the member’s responsibility.
•    Applaud the efforts of other members.
•    Listen during assemblies and special events.
•    Show respect to the facility and equipment.
•    Participate with a positive attitude in all program areas.
•    Dress appropriately at all times.
•    No bullying and other forms of victimizing.
•    Smoking, drugs, alcohol and weapons are prohibited.

Members must present their card upon entering the Club and have it to participate in activities or to check out games and equipment.

Members must respect the Club members, staff and volunteers.

Foul language and bullying is unacceptable.

Discipline policy is included with the membership packet that must be reviewed and signed. All members must withhold their responsibility as a member. Reoccurring behavioral issues or incidents may result disciplinary action,
suspension or expulsionat the discretion of upper management staff. No refunds will be issued.

Personal belongings are the member’s responsibility. Valuables (including cell phones) should not be brought to the Club. It is asked that musical instrument be left at the front desk upon arrival. If the child chooses not to do so, it will not be the responsibility of the Club.

View our complete Member Parent Orientation Guide (Available in Spanish)
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